About The Carvers Since the mid-‘70s, the husband-and-wife team of Noah & Irene Carver has made a marriage of enterprise and entertainment. Both professional musicians by their early 20s, they met at a performance in Cincinnati, where they found their styles were different, but their outlook the same. Both had discovered their musical talent while studying in a school for the blind Coming from Kentucky, the state of hootenannies and shindigs, Noah was used to picking up his guitar, humming a harmony and joining the fun. The skills he learned at 9, he used for his later forays in country-western, rock ‘n’ roll and jazz, playing with various combos. Irene, a vocalist, guitarist and pianist, as well as a dabbler in lesser known instruments, had turned her more classical training into a solo show for coffee houses. What began as an elementary school’s piano class unfolded into a resounding career in folk music. Integrating their musical taste took time, but like marriage, the compromise paid off. A fine balance of contrasts and congruence’s make their contemporary and traditional folk songs appealing to a variety of audiences. Many places throughout Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana have featured the Carvers. From nightclubs to schools – from sophisticated adults to awed children – the versatile duo proved to be entertaining. They also have been frequent guests at festivals, churches, business functions and workshops